Encase Panels on Stone Island Shadow Project’s Naslan Down Pieces


Stone Island and Errolson Hugh are regularly noted for their outstanding utilitarian designs, and the Naslan Light Garment Dyed Down Jacket and Naslan Light Garment Dyed Real Down Vest are no exceptions. Wrapt in Stone Island’s proprietary Naslan nylon, a plain-weave nylon with a soft texture, these seasonal pieces feature distinct serviceable details.

First, the vest. Two Encase Panels, at the top and bottom, fasten to Velcro® strips and snap fastenings through two taped loops. These panels feature inset drop pockets at the front with internal zip fastened access. With no front placket, these Encase Panels secure one within the vest, providing both warmth and additional storage.

Next, the jacket. The Encase Panels return on this piece, extending the rear panel of the jacket from the waist down. The panels overlap at the front, secured with Velcro® taping. These panels both contain and hide hand pockets with zip fastening, for exceptional functionality.

Both of these pieces, plus many more, are available now at HAVEN.

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