KAPITAL ‘Hibiscus – Ortega’ Pattern


KAPITAL is frequently creating vivid and elaborate patterns, with their latest ‘Hibiscus – Ortega’ print being no exception. The unmistakable hibiscus flower is treated with coral and vermillion, creating a striking contrast against its green leaves. Butterflies, mimicking the hibiscus flowers, are hidden amongst the flowers in this intricate pattern. Aligning the floral theme is a striking representation of native Mexican design. These designs are created with meticulous craftsmanship; traditional Mexican textiles are dyed naturally, by hand, and woven on magnificent looms. The two patterns compliment each other with their backscattering of bright colours and measured elements. KAPITAL uses this patterning on two silhouettes: the Aloha shirt and the Kakashi shirt. Both are crafted from a lightweight rayon and silk blend, offering a gauze-like feel throughout. Both pieces, in their sheer construction and eye-catching prints, are perfect for summer.