Matt Damhave graphics for Cav Empt SS18


Cav Empt has quickly become one of streetwear’s most respected brands owing to its forward thinking design language and it’s owners ties to well respected music and fashion subcultures. While the majority of graphics from the Tokyo-based label are by Sk8THING, the brand also works with a select group of outside collaborators.

A regular is Matt Damhave, an American artist and designer based in New York City. Damhave has an extensive history in both fashion and art scenes in New York. In 2000 he launched art collective/fashion label Imitation of Christ alongside Tara Subkoff. The duo quickly gained notoriety for their garments made from vintage and thrifted clothing and unusual and avant-garde runway shows. Nevertheless Damhave quickly became disillusioned with the vapid and commercial aspects of the fashion industry and left the brand in 2002 to pursue independent art and music projects. Remaining in the underground, he has since presented his work at galleries around the world and continues to create paintings, illustrations, and textile works that incorporate text and themes drawn from the internet, pop culture, music and film.