FOCUS: HAVEN Hand Knit Pacific Parka


Our HAVEN hand-knit pieces use a virgin wool yarn, distinguishable in its chunky appearance and unique craftsmanship. The wool fibres are painstakingly hand-spun, working the robust wool into a bulky yarn. Thanks to this process, the wool yarn contains a considerable number of air pockets, enhancing its heat retention and lightweight feel. We work with our Canadian knitter to create a custom waffle knit with influences from Canada’s Indigenous people’s traditions, especially those of the Pacific Northwest. This centuries-old technique lends to an unmistakable knit that drapes comfortably throughout. Structural deerskin leather panelling is tanned, dyed, punched and stitched, all by hand. These supple panels are stitched at the elbows with deerskin leather lace, creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece in the Pacific Parka.