Dialogue: Colin Clark of Heia Studio

Colin Clark is a Registered Architect whose work spans a wide range of design, from commercial interiors and product design to residential and large scale architecture. In 2019, alongside Jenna Hill, Colin launched Heia Studio, an architecture and design practice based in Vancouver, Canada. In a short time the duo have garnered a reputation for creating unique yet functional spaces through thoughtful consideration of form, materials, light, texture, location and context. We caught up with Colin in Vancouver, to learn more about Heia Studio, the roots of his design philosophy and how both travel and his local environment inspires his practice.

    Nature will always show us where we are doing things right or where we are doing things wrong. It's something that we always try to separate ourselves from, but really it's essentially part of everything we do.

        Heia studio is a design focused architecture firm, ...that focuses on the way that spaces form for people. It looks at the materials as well as the construction and how people will use those spaces.

            Where I came to, in architecture, stemmed a lot from my experience of living in Japan. The thing I found was a larger acceptance of design as a concept and a much more elevated or heightened level of design in everyday buildings.

                  The year that I started studying architecture coincided with the year of Arthur Erickson's death, ...I discovered through visiting his buildings, that there was a sensuality to the materials, that provided a sensorial experience; that I found made his work feel more singular and separate from other architecture.

                    The foundation of my design process is a desire to think about the materials, and texture, and light, and form; that will give somebody an enriched experience within architecture.

                      As we develop Heia Studio into the future, we want to look at refining the way that we do things, refining our processes, find ways to do things better; or to do things in a way that we haven't thought of before. Always trying to develop towards a better outcome.

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