BUYER’S LOG | FW17 Preview Part 2: New York


Catching up on our Journal updates from our recent buying trips. Picking up where we last left off… immediately after wrapping up our busy schedule in Paris, the HAVEN team and I were on a plane to NYC for part 2 of the Fashion Week buying trip. Our first meeting was with Battery Showroom.


Amen to that! New Bandannas from Kapital.


Apparently when making this bandanna, one of Kapital’s junior designers was responsible for hand drawing each individual character for its border. The kanji says “Chikara” which means “Power!”

p1340937 p1340964 p1340980
p1340798 p1340800 p1350042

Next up Stone Island and Shadow Project

p1350038 p1350057

This was a strange discovery.

p1350228 p1350283

Next up was the Nepenthes showroom in the garment district. Really strong collection coming up for Fall/Winter 2017 from Engineered Garments.

p1350285p1350336 p1350290 p1350339p1350307p1350343
p1350353p1350368 p1350369

Tung breaks down the Reigning Champ and wings + horns collections for Fall/Winter. This was the last appointment of the day for both parties so beer was well deserved.


wings + horns continues their ongoing collaboration with adidas for another season. This collection features more footwear and a special line of products made in Canada.

p1350388p1350390p1350383 p1350511

Former President Barack Obama was all smiles when we visited Needles and Common Projects.

p1350587 p1350513p1350552p1350517p1350571

Nguyen may be feeling the hurt from the night prior.

p1350592 p1350612 p1350614 p1350616p1350635 p1350637

Thats all for NYC, up next Tokyo!