BUYER’S LOG | FW17 Tokyo Doubleheader


The HAVEN buying team has been busy this last month hitting Tokyo two more times back to back for Fall/Winter ’17 showrooms. We caught up with the teams from Neighborhood, WTAPS and Wacko Maria. Check out some of the highlights from Arthurs trip and mine in this latest entry of the Buyer’s Log.

Arthur made the trip to see the Neighborhood showroom. Shinsuke-san poses for a photo with a full wall of badass behind him.

Neighborhood gets political. Hopefully people can appreciate the satire.

Tackling the mean streets of Tokyo in these bad boys.

First on the docket for me, Wacko Maria.

Californian graffiti artist Neckface and Wacko Maria have had an ongoing relationship for a few seasons including a spot collection of items last year. Hopefully we can see more collaborations between the two in the near future.

For the first time Wacko Maria will be releasing an incense chamber, after extended use the Maria chamber will cry resin from her eyes.

The inspiration for this seasons Wolf’s Head collaboration

The Guilty Parties = Bad Mother Fuckers

A lesson in how to offend everyone

Several items from this season reference this album by The Champs

I can’t think of a more appropriate graphic for a shot of tequila

Some of these prints were wild! Even by Wacko Maria standards. These tees come with a “Warning: Graphic Print” in our order sheet.

Had an afternoon free and was able to check out the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at Tokyo’s National Art center.

Kusama is recognized as one of the most prolific artists to come out of Japan and was a prominent figure during the American hippie counterculture movement of the 1960’s.

Audiovisual hallucinations Kusama experienced at an early age influenced her style significantly. Reoccurring motifs in her work include polka dots and phallic imagery.

Unfortunately photography was prohibited for the majority of the exhibit but if you’re in Tokyo I strongly suggest checking it out, you’ll have a chance walk through her one of her famous “Infinity Rooms”.

Went searching for The Skoloct in Shibuya.

As seen on Television! Shizuka is a fellow Canadian, a YouTube and local TV personality in Tokyo. We dined at Jomon in Roppongi, an izakaya that specializes in grilled skewers.

Scotch Egg style croquette. Jam packed with flavour.

Attended the Fragment Design x Louis Vuitton Tokyo Launch party.

In the presence of greatness here. Hiroshi Fujiwara and Kim Jones of Louis Vuitton pose for press photos before the events official start.

Next up was WTAPS, we were sent a preview of the collection before our meeting and were extremely excited to see what the season had to offer.

Tsubasa taking care of us as usual.

Decided to brave walking through Ginza over the weekend. This place gets pretty crazy with foot traffic. Unbeknownst to me there was a Yayoi Kusama event at Ginza Six coinciding with her exhibit that was attracting a lot of attention.

Undercover at Ginza Six.

Visvim on display with vintage moccasins at Dover Street Market.

Treated myself to some fine cuts of Wagyu Beef.


West Aoyama Garden has become a bit of an internet sensation because of their insanely thick pancakes. The line up wrapped around the outside of the restaurant with tourists wanting to try them. Only order one, these things are huge.

The famous Tokyo Tower observation deck.

These look out panels are not for the faint of heart.

Eiichiro Oda’s “One Piece Tower” is held on the lower deck of the Tokyo Tower. The attraction has activities, games, and tours for fans of the series like myself.

Paid a visit to our friends at the retaW head office.

retaW scents are named in reference to influences close to the brand. Names are taken from music, pop culture and film. My favourite scent Evelyn is named after 70’s post-disco singer Evelyn Champagne King.

Big Love is a carefully curated record shop in the back streets of Shibuya. Better yet, they have a small bar at the back of shop where we can enjoy a pint while listening to records.

Friends from all over the world gather in Kitaaoyama!

Thats all for now from Tokyo. We’ll be entering the new season shortly with visits to Paris and New York coming soon. Stay tuned.