BUYERS LOG: HAVEN SS18 World Tour Pt. 1


This season has been pretty crazy for HAVEN. With a wealth of projects on the horizon, the Buyers Log has unfortunately been regulated to the backburner for a while. I’m back to recap the remaining SS18 buying tour with HAVEN’s visit to New York and a trio of Tokyo trips that capped off the season.

Reigning Champ celebrated their 10 year anniversary this year and they included a special installation at their showroom in honor of the accomplishment. Created by perceptual artist Michael Murphy, the RC logo becomes a 10 when looking at the fixture from another angle.

Always excited to see our friends over at the M-5 showroom. Even more excited to see the latest offerings from Stone Island and Stone Island Shadow Project.

M-5 has good taste in reading material.

After a day of meetings you build up an appetite. The answer? 7th street HAVEN food tour of course!

Went for some drinks with our friends from M-5 at the favorite NY watering hole, botanica.

A completely unnecessary visit to Korea Town followed.

Engineered Garments: Love & Music

What Arthur refers to as a “disco shirt”.

Going deep into the Needles collection as per usual.

The return of tie-dye!

A crazy surprise this season; an official Kapital and Marvel project. The patches and use of characters were all approved by Marvel for a pair of denim jackets. Patches include iconic heroes like Spider-Man, Iron-Man and Captain America; while the villain model features Hydra, Red Skull, Loki and Ultron.

New Yorks oldest drinking establishment The Ear Inn. Originally established in the mid 1800’s; the bar flourished undeterred by the prohibition and became renowned as a “boys only” clubhouse where sailors could eat, drink, gamble and have a good time. Today, the bar has such a well respected reputation that it stands as one of the only NYC bars where you are able to drink on the street immediately outside its doors.

Maple shows off their SS18 collection at their new showroom. Elevated accessories incoming for Spring.

What NY trip is complete without a visit to Brooklyn. Bar of choice was Kinfolk.

Astora Food Inc. Officially HAVEN endorsed as of this posting.

Sauce it up.

Next up is a quick trip to Tokyo for visvim.

Hope you guys like Sanjuro coats and Noragis.



Thats it for Pt. 1 of the Buyers Log World Tour. More from Tokyo coming up. Stay tuned.