I had a little free time in between exhibitions this season to step outside of Tokyo and visit both Kyoto and Osaka.  I’d totally recommend checking them out if you are ever in Japan.  Kyoto is a mix of old world Japan and is a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Here’s some randoms.

Zen Garden

These guys must have the most tedious jobs in the world.  They have to sweep up all the cherry blossom leaves after they have fallen.

One of the main attractions of Kyoto is the temples.  I had a day to check out a bunch of tourist spots.

I had an amazing traditional 5 course Tofu meal in Kyoto. I typically hate Tofu, but this was one of my favorite meals my entire trip

On the western outskirts of Kyoto there’s an area called Arashiyama. There’s a bunch of temples around here but they also have this pretty cool monkey sanctuary that sits atop of a mountain that overlooks Kyoto. 100’s of monkeys just hang out here all day. Felt like planet of the apes!

Check out the little guy on the roof top! In the background is Arashiyama

The visvim F.I.L shop was pretty cool.  Though much smaller than all of their other locations this one was pretty unique. It’s located in an old doll shop on one of the main strips in Kyoto.  Totally unexpected but cool at the same time, definitely a must visit for a fan.