HAVEN was established in 2006 in the Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta. A small team of creative individuals, with a commitment to premium quality and innovative design, grew to define the HAVEN brand and culture. With stores in Vancouver and Toronto, HAVEN is a premium men’s apparel brand, complemented by a selection of the best Japanese and internationally sourced products.


Built to withstand Canada’s four seasons, our collections are produced using premium materials, blending both traditional production techniques with modern developments in fabrics, technologies, and manufacturing. Inspired by Canadiana, military, workwear, and outdoor apparel, our collection is a modern approach to functional, timeless design.



HAVEN FW19 PrimaLoft Product Focus


Our collection utilizes the finest modern and traditional textiles, custom hardware and production technologies to provide the highest level quality, comfort and performance. Leveraging the expertise and superior quality manufacturing capabilities in Canada and Japan, we work with skilled craftsmen and manufacturing facilities to create our products.

HAVEN FW19 PrimaLoft Product Focus


In 2006, on a quiet backstreet of downtown Edmonton, Alberta, we opened the doors to our first HAVEN location. The space – once a century old industrial warehouse – set the benchmark for our future retail and architectural ambitions. Our Edmonton store closed its doors in 2012, however its essence was never lost.  Always preserving the distinct character and existing structural appeal, we pay deep respect for the past, present and future as we carefully imbed our modern DNA into the very fabric of every space, and neighbourhood. We now operate retail locations in both Vancouver and Toronto with this same ethos.