CCP (Crazy Character Print) was founded in 1996 in Tokyo by Tsutomu Kijima and began as a silk screening company. He launched the CCP brand shortly thereafter, initially making club wear due to his love of techno, trance and ambient music. He also ran a record store for DJs (Global Chillage Tokyo in Shibuya, Tokyo), where he sold CCP clothing and was a distributor of speakers (Blue room mini pod speakers). Then Kijima and his staff started commuting to work by bicycle and began making casual and versatile clothing for bike commuting, with an aesthetic like no other. Today CCP creates garments that can be worn in a wide range of settings whether it is cycling on a daily commute or exploring the natural and urban environments. The materials range from organic materials like wool and cotton, to functional materials including COOLMAX® and CORDURA®. The inspiration for CCP designs always comes from their unique environment and they are committed to making clothes that are both fun and functional.