foot the coacher

First introduced in 2000, "foot the coacher" is headed by footwear specialist Toshinosuke Takegahara. Formally educated in Art, Takegahara began his foray into footwear as a self taught designer. Establishing himself through his work with prominent cordwainers in England, Takeghara returned to Japan with his adept knowledge of traditional footwork as a designer at George Cox and a bespoke craftsman at Tricker's. Along with re-invigorating his self-titled brand and launching "foot the coacher", he was also at the helm of NUMBER (N)INE's shoe branch."foot the coacher" Utilizes a modern vision along with classical authenticity; applying premium sourced leather from around the world with time honoured methodology to create footwear inspired by the early 1900s that are both stylish and robust. Expanding his repertoire, Takegahara went on to debut "SPECTUSSHOECO"; which along with previous affiliate Takahiro Miyashita "The Soloist", has served as collaborative counterparts for "foot the coacher" to experiment with more modern silhouettes showcasing the brands continued innovation.
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