Designer Nigel Cabourn has become an outwear specialist from over forty years of experience in the fashion industry. From the work of his own labels, he has been known for his uncompromising purist spirit in creating functionality through the best materials and production processes. Nigel is an avid collector of vintage clothing with a deep fascination in the functionality of military and mountaineering garments; the collaborative project that began in 2011 between Nigel Cabourn Authentic and Eddie Bauer is a perfect partnership. The Seattle based sports and hunting company Eddie Bauer was established in 1920. The outdoor gear purveyor developed and patented the first quilted down-insulated jacket in America in 1940 and was commissioned by the U.S. Army Air Corp as a supplier of outerwear, garments, and equipment. Nigel Cabourn was given access to Eddie Bauer's storied vintage museum of outerwear ranging from 1920 to 1950s as the basis of inspiration for the collection.
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