PARABELLUM is a true luxury goods provider out of Los Angeles, California. The company was founded through an obsession of antique and vintage luxury items. "E Pluribus Unum" - latin for "out of many, one" and found on the Seal of the United States - is the company's motto. PARABELLUM aims to be the one in opposition to the many mass produced products in the market, they follow in their grandfather's footsteps and revert back to domestic artisan craftsmanship. The company pursues the memory of luxury goods that aged beautiful with use and was built to last lifetimes. PARABELLUM utilizes the highest quality leather from the American Bison, a special type of Buffalo indigenous to North America in all their products. The utmost respect is given to this symbol of the American West, only Free Range American Bison is chosen to be processed in PARABELLUM's family run micro-tannery to produce elegant and naturally feeling hides. PARABELLUM in latin means "prepare for war", each piece in their collection is hand-crafted to durable perfection featuring military grade hardware in advanced ceramics, kevlar reinforcement, and artisan forged copper. In the current market PARABELLUM uniquely combines old-world artisan craftsmanship with technological sophistication to provide goods that can be passed on and enjoyed for generations.
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