Shady Character was originally the brainchild of Linda Rae Tepper and Steven Abrams. The twosome acted as a moving force in the new wave of fashion in 1970's New York. Initially selling deadstock sunglasses, Tepper and Abrams worked alongside eyewear designer Julius Tart in manufacturing new designs, thus creating the 'Shady' look. As Shady Character grew, they expanded into clothing; however, eyewear manufacturing became increasingly difficult in the US, and the eyewear aspect of the brand came to a halt. Several years later, Tommy O'Gara noticed a lapse in Shady Character Eyewear's IP license renewal and quickly snatched up the opportunity. The goal, for O'Gara, was to create a range of eyewear that reflected a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. O'Gara enlisted the help of creative director Michael Carney and illustrator Aaron Lang to bring the brand to life.
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