Ten c

Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey founded Ten c after co-designing for C.P. Company together. Pungetti’s depth of experience pairs well with Harvey’s design history at Stone Island, with the marriage of both skills sets is evident in the product. Named after the Danish Fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Ten c forces one to look beyond the fads and trends and towards the value of well crafted clothing. While made exclusively in Italy, Ten c pulls its influence from Japanese craftsmanship. Specially engineered Japanese textiles comprise the breadth of Ten c’s products, with special attention to OJJ -- or Original Japanese Jersey. Pungetti and Harvey represent their gratitude to timeless Japanese garment manufacturing with the kikumon seal in their logo. Every Ten c piece features modular capabilities, allowing for versatility in wear and customization with liners and hoods. With a focus on timeless pieces, Ten c creates adaptable and hard-wearing clothing to last a lifetime.
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