Process: Fall/Winter 2022

Fall/Winter 2022 marks our most comprehensive collection to date and we’re very happy with the outcome. As we expand the collection, we continue to refine our process, fine tune fits and examine everything down to the smallest details. Our goal is to continuously enhance the comfort and practicality of each garment while improving quality to ensure a lifetime of wear. As we slowly expand into new categories we can now provide a complete uniform of wardrobe essentials that mix the finest natural fibers with synthetic performance materials.

For this Fall/Winter a major development is the introduction of our GORE-TEX 3 Layer ‘Guaranteed To Keep You Dry’ range, using pinnacle GORE-TEX technology. The collection consists of two jackets and two accessories that represent our icon pieces for the season. Though the offering is small, the development process was intensive, spanning several seasons from conceptualization, patterning, and early prototypes, to multiple rounds of samples and rigorous testing by our team and GORE-TEX.

After exploring several factories around the globe, we discovered a factory in the south of Japan with the capabilities to build our waterproof products and that also met our high standards in quality and finishing. The factory handles all aspects of construction, utilizing specialized GORE-TEX specific machinery to cut, laminate, sew, and seam seal the garments.

To complement our GORE-TEX 3L offerings, we also have created a range of PrimaLoft™ insulated jackets in GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER®  to create our own unique interpretation of an urban layering system. These garments have been designed to be worn on their own or as a combined system in order to handle the toughest winter conditions.

Another exciting advancement we made this season was in our Handknit category. A truly artisanal product, our handknits are a key component of our winter collections. Each item is painstakingly knit - stitch, by stitch- by hand, using old-world techniques and time-honored traditions. Though we love the ruggedness of traditional wool, we wanted to explore a fiber that offered a softer handfeel and even greater heat retention without increasing weight. To this end, we found the ideal yarn in the South American baby llama, which, in addition to being incredibly soft, offers immense warmth and durability. The garments are truly special and encapsulate our ideals of craftsmanship and utility.

We create each collection with menswear archetypes as the starting point and from there we build upon or evolve that core concept to be more adaptable for modern day use. Internally we talk about the idea of ‘optimizing’ often and while it can be difficult to fully articulate, we can best describe it as performance lifestyle clothing. To us, this concept implies that our clothing should allow you to perform your day to the best of your abilities, while looking and feeling your best. It’s not just about protection and comfort, but ensuring the user feels confident in all situations. This notion is easier said than done but it is what we constantly strive towards.

We’re very thankful for all of our partners as they have been a major contribution towards the development of our collection this season. We have worked closely with them to refine our collection, while continuing our search for new partners and manufacturers to work with who share in our obsession for craftsmanship and quality. We’re looking forward to having our customers experience this new collection in person.


Arthur Chmielewski

HAVEN Co-Founder

Photographer: Norihisa Hayashi & James Oliver | Videographer: Tsubasa Nomura

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