Process: Spring/Summer 2022

Being based in Vancouver, BC we have a very intimate relationship with nature and our surrounding environment. Vancouver’s proximity to the Pacific ocean, coastal mountains and temperate rainforest create a diverse and challenging set of weather conditions specific to our region. This unique geography not only creates specific weather conditions but also lifestyles that are uniquely tied to nature. We feel that the right garments can be used as tools to help us explore and enjoy our environment more comfortably and for longer periods. After a wet and cold winter, spring and summer is welcomed with warmer days, more sunshine and less precipitation. Facing these shoulder seasons and their transitional weather patterns, we require garments that still offer protection from cooler nights and light rain, without getting too hot and uncomfortable during when the sun comes out. Solving this mixture of conditions poses a constant challenge, but by combining purposeful designs with a wide range of fabrics we are able to create solutions that can improve our everyday lives.

With each passing season, we continue to develop our processes and work with new material suppliers from around the world. We always strive to work with the pinnacle suppliers, and this season we are proud to announce our long term partnership with W.L GORE. We’ve long been fans of GORE-TEX products for their performance, reliability, and quality, and having the opportunity to integrate their advanced technology into our collection has been a rewarding challenge. This process has taken a significant amount of time in planning and development, from ideation, to production, to finally having the products in the hands of our customers.

Working with GORE-TEX introduced our design team to an entirely new set of constraints due to their strict regulation of licensed factories, design specifications, and rigorous testing requirements. Our production will be split between Canada and Japan, allowing us to ensure the exceptional quality that we’ve come to expect from our garments through small scale manufacturing, while still meeting all GORE-TEX requirements. To kick off our partnership for Spring/Summer 2022 we introduce a concise capsule collection of GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ ripstop, alongside WINDSTOPPER® fleece; all designed, developed, and manufactured in Canada. The range provides excellent breathability and protection against the elements and we can’t wait to expand on our GORE-TEX offerings in the seasons to come.

Not focusing solely on technical performance materials, we also spent the better part of the year developing a new cotton fleece and jersey program, with the intent of bringing more comfort to the most fundamental pieces of a modern wardrobe. Our team discussed what we wanted most from our fleece sweaters and jersey t-shirts, and our consensus was to have something in a versatile, all-season weight that is exceptionally soft on the skin but also robust and durable for daily wear.

After numerous samples and tests, we settled on a custom Suvin cotton from an elite fabric mill in Japan. Considered one of the finest cotton in the world, Suvin is a hybrid of two premium breeds of cotton; the Egyptian cotton variety “Sujata” and Sea Island Cotton. Only a few thousand bales of this rare, heritage cotton are grown each year in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. What makes Suvin Cotton so unique is its extremely long and thin fibres, enabling it to be woven to very high thread counts without sacrificing its unmatched softness and silkiness that will only get better with more wear. It is an extraordinary natural and breathable fibre, providing the ultimate in comfort and durability.

While wool is typically thought of as an insulating fabric, when used in combination with other fibres and woven into a lightweight textile, it performs extremely well in hot climates. Sourced from Japan, SOLOTEX® fabric is engineered with unique spring-shaped fibres that provide a soft, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and slightly stretchy properties with the appearance and hand-feel of natural fibres. These fibres are combined with a premium worsted wool to give an elegant appearance while ensuring breathable, moisture wicking comfort even in warm environments.

We have also developed a new base layer using a lightweight and breathable Merino Wool french terry from New Zealand. Sourced from Merino sheep, this natural fibre is well known for its natural performance capabilities. It’s thinner and softer than regular wool—making it easy to wear next to skin and unlike many synthetic fabrics, Merino has natural anti-odour properties ensuring a long life-cycle. Each fibre naturally helps regulate body temperature, helping keep your body at a stable temperature by transporting sweat away as a vapour to keep you cool and dry in both warm and cold conditions.

Our HAVEN collection continues to evolve and progress, embodying a sense of tough ruggedness while remaining comfortable, functional and laid-back — something that we find indicative of our Canadian roots and culture. Fashion to us often feels a bit frivolous and wasteful, so we want to bring as much purposeful intent to each and everything we make, ensuring that every garment functions well and is also stylish and distinct.


Arthur Chmielewski

HAVEN Co-Founder

Photographer: Norihisa Hayashi & Ryan Maxwell

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