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Modernity Informed by Tradition

Working once again with elite British shoemaker Tricker’s, we’ve developed renditions of the iconic Tramping Shoe and Monkey Boot.

Both models are handcrafted from start to finish at Tricker’s Northampton factory in England, which was originally founded in 1829. We’ve chosen to spotlight Hydra and Scotch grain leathers, both of which carry an impressive heft and subtle lustre. Each shoe is finished using Goodyear welted construction with a Vibram Gloxi Cut outsole, ensuring longevity while adding an intrepid edge to the sophisticated appearance.

Releasing Friday, Jan 26th at 9AM PST online, in-stores and on the HAVEN app.

Hydra Full Grain Leather & Black Scotch Grain Leather

Black Hydra leather is utilized predominantly throughout the shoe, characterized by its muted sheen and similar hand-feel to calf leather. Black Scotch Grain leather provides a hint of tactful distinction thanks to its pebbled appearance, and is found on the tongue and heel panels. Finally, a supple black Calfskin leather is used as interior lining for the finishing touch.

Handmade by Master Craftspeople

Each Tricker’s shoe is meticulously crafted through a series of 265 unique operations over the course of 8 weeks. Shoemakers employed by Tricker’s are master craftspeople who have trained and developed a precise eye and deft hand, and are considered to be some of the most skilled in the entire world.

Goodyear Welted

Goodyear welted soles are the pinnacle of shoemaking. They provide improved moisture protection, exceptional natural comfort thanks to a cork footbed, and an impressive lifespan because they are fully re-soleable.

Vibram Sole & Finishings

Adding a sense of functional modernity, our collaborative models feature the iconic Vibram Gloxi Cut sole. Composed of signature Vi-Lite rubber, it provides a flexible ride and generous cushioning while maintaining a surprisingly lightweight feel.

Finally, each pair of our Tricker’s is stamped with a co-branded label, conveying our mutual respect for craftsmanship and quality.

  • / Tricker's Monkey Boots Black/ Tricker's Monkey Boots Black


    / Tricker's Monkey Boots Black

  • / Tricker's Tramping Shoes Black/ Tricker's Tramping Shoes Black


    / Tricker's Tramping Shoes Black


Photographer: Charles Ward | Product Photographer: Norihisa Hayashi | Copy: Jason Liang