Heritage meets Innovation: HAVEN Suvin Denim from Okayama, Japan

The Journey Starts in Japan

Denim has always been a staple in our wardrobes here at HAVEN. Long considered utilitarian and functional clothing rooted in workwear, denim is timeless in nature, built to endure the toughest working conditions and withstand extensive wear and tear. Dissatisfied with most of the denim we saw on the market, we decided to lean toward our Canadian heritage and develop our own. This opportunity allowed us to combine the old with the new, utilizing traditional craftsmanship, utilitarian design details and a modern aesthetic to create the silhouette we wanted to see.

Wanting to work with the best, we looked to Okayama, Japan, a region world-renowned for its denim manufacturing. Our search concluded when we found a producer who worked not only with vintage looms but was also experienced with Suvin cotton. One of the highest-quality cotton, Suvin, often referred to as "White Gold," is known for its extraordinary fibre length, creating a luxuriously soft fabric that is stronger and more durable than other cotton.

Crafted from start to finish in Japan, our 13.5oz Suvin cotton selvedge denim fabric is dyed in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, woven in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture, before returning to Fukuyama City, where it is cut and sewn, to become the HAVEN Station Pant.

Releasing in-stores, online, and on the HAVEN app 9am Friday, April 19th.

A Traditional, yet Eco-Friendly Yarn Dyeing Process

Before being woven into denim, the cotton yarn is dyed using a rope dye method based on traditional Japanese indigo dyeing. This technique creates a ring dye effect, where the dyestuff doesn't penetrate the yarn's core, allowing the fabric to patina through use, creating the iconic denim fades. In 2010, our factory invented the first eco-friendly dyeing system, enabling them to reduce the CO2 produced and water used and remove harmful chemicals from the process.

Distinctive selvedge denim woven on vintage shuttle looms.

Our selvedge denim's meticulous journey continues with its weaving in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture. Vintage looms, including 1950s shuttle looms, Sakamoto automatic looms, and Toyoda automatic looms, are employed in this artisanal process. These machines operate at a deliberate pace, weaving just 40 meters of denim daily, a stark contrast to modern looms. This unhurried rhythm imbues the denim with a unique, uneven texture, a hallmark impossible to replicate with contemporary technology. Composed of five twisted threads of Suvin cotton, the weft yarn intertwines gradually, allowing air to permeate during weaving. This infusion of air contributes to the denim's expressive appearance, embodying a blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and distinctive character.

Cut, Sewn, and Finished by Hand to the Highest Standards

In Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the Suvin cotton denim is transformed into the HAVEN Station Pant. Cut, sewn and finished by hand, the pants are crafted to exacting standards to ensure the highest quality final product. Comfortable, casual and functional, the Station Pant is cut with a relaxed yet tapered fit with six pockets, including a zippered pocket subtly incorporated into the back yoke. The waistband interior selvedge trim and Excella zippers are a further show of craftsmanship, quality and durability, while our signature rivets and shank button add an authentic touch. Snap fastening waistband adjusters and a gusseted crotch guarantee a secure fit while enhancing comfort and mobility. The HAVEN Station Pant in Suvin Cotton Denim was designed with purpose in Canada and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail in Japan.

The HAVEN Station Pant releases Friday, April 19th online, in-stores and on the HAVEN app. Subscribe to be notified.

Director: Norihisa Hayashi | Photography / Videography: Mitsuhiko Nakanishi | Coordinator: Katsutaka Inoue | Copy: Samuel Gunton | Special Thanks to: Dai Futabatake