KAPITAL FW22 | Now Available

The evocative Japanese brand, Kapital, arrives with its final delivery of the FW22 season. Offering a range of winter essential items that exude a quintessentially Japanese influence. A seasonal stalwart in the collection, the Gauze Bandana Patchwork Quilted Blouson, is insulated and comprised of a mosaic of paisley print bandanas. The THUNDER MOTHER zip blouson and 11.5oz denim BONE lining reversible jacket offer lighter options, each with its own unique graphic. A collection of wool shirts represent additional layers to match with the outerwear. Rounding out the collection are insulated accessories like the familiar and cozy 8oz Denim FOLK-DOJO Embroidery KESA Scarfs. For more robust protection the SWT Knit Bandana KESA Cap offers the same scarf style with the additional of a full cap. Shop the latest from KAPITAL online, in-store, and via the HAVEN app.

Release Information: The final KAPITAL FW22 delivery will release online and in-store on January 25th at 3:00PM EST / 12:00PM PST.

Item Range:

• Gauze Bandana Patchwork Quilted Blouson $1,280.00CAD

• 11.5oz Denim BONE Lining Reversible ZIP-UP Work JKT Pro $1,305.00

• SWT Knit Bandana KESA Cap $285.00CAD

• Bonding Fleece BEACH Vest $685.00CAD

• THUNDER MOTHER Fleece ZIP Blouson $640.00CAD

• 8oz Denim FOLK-DOJO Embroidery KESA Scarf $305.00CAD

• Wool Check Board Shirt $570.00CAD

• CPO Cotton Wool MOPAR Shirt $705.00CAD

• Gauze Linen Herringbone Stand Penny Shirt $550.00CAD