Satisfy: The Evolution a of Trailblazing Running Brand

Satisfy: The Evolution a of Trailblazing Running Brand

What is Satisfy Running?

At HAVEN we’re drawn to brands that push boundaries but doesn’t steer away from the culture of which it was born.

Enter Satisfy, a French performance brand founded by Brice Partouche that is quickly gaining a cult-following.

Satisfy has differentiated itself by prioritizing both performance and aesthetics in its exercise clothing, unlike brands that often focus solely on functionality. The brand achieves a distinctive equilibrium by integrating premium, innovative technology with a deep appreciation for fashion and culture in their designs. This approach allows Satisfy to stand out in the market, catering to both the performance-driven and visually-conscious consumer.

Though Satisfy's apparel boasts remarkable technical features such as durability, lightweight construction, and remarkable comfort for extended use, the brand isn't primarily seeking validation within conventional running communities. Instead, it aims to resonate with runners like Partouche who exist on the periphery of mainstream running culture. Partouche describes Satisfy as a "cult brand," emphasizing the importance of connecting with their community in unconventional spaces where they live, work, and run.

Satisfy Ethos & History

Satisfy was established by Brice Partouche who delved into the fashion industry with a focus on high-end jeans. Drawing from his diverse background, Partouche, now a dedicated runner, leads as the chief designer and tester for the brand.

Early in his running endeavors, Brice Partouche recognized a void in the market for runners who, like him, cherished the simple pleasure of running for enjoyment rather than focusing solely on performance metrics.

“It’s not about the performance to me, it’s about the experience.” - Brice Partouche

Partouche admitted feeling disconnected from the offerings of prominent labels like Nike and adidas at the time, which played a pivotal role in his decision to establish Satisfy. He found the performance-centric approach of these brands lacking in cultural elements such as music and art, prompting him to envision a new cultural narrative for running – one that offered an alternative experience.

Premium Running Materials

Satisfy prides itself on using premium materials that prioritize both performance and comfort. From durable Cordura® and Pertex® to their own proprietary fabrics like PeaceShell™ and the renowned MothTech™, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and innovative technology.

This commitment to quality ensures that Satisfy's apparel not only meets the demands of rigorous training but also maintains a stylish and functional appeal. Whether you're hitting the track or exploring the city streets, Satisfy's designs offer unparalleled versatility and performance for every athlete.